Corporate information

The West Coast Wilderness Railway (WCWR) is operated along strictly commercial principles under the auspices of the State Government-owned Abt Railway Ministerial Corporation (ARMC).

The Tasmanian Government recognises that the WCWR is an important tourism and economic asset to the region. The WCWR’s commitment to tourism excellence arises from the four objectives that govern its operation:

  1. To operate, or to arrange for the operation of, a heritage passenger railway service.
  2. To operate in accordance with sound commercial and asset management practices, and as efficiently as possible.
  3. To minimise non-commercial funding requirements of the Corporation having regard to specific operational policy directions issued by the Minister.
  4. To promote increased visitor numbers to the west coast of Tasmania.

To achieve these objectives, the WCWR seeks not just to satisfy, but to exceed, the expectations of our customers. To achieve this, we have adopted the principle of putting the passenger first. We recognise that travelling to Tasmania’s west coast is a significant commitment for our visitors, and so our staff work hard to ensure that each interaction with our passengers and potential passengers is positive and memorable.

WCWR’s customer service is underpinned by a railway operation that is safe, well-maintained, reliable, and complies with all state and federal legislative requirements. We follow a programmed maintenance schedule, incorporating rolling stock and track as well as the WCWR’s many buildings and other assets, to ensure reliable and timely services. This attention to detail extends to ensuring that WCWR holds all necessary licenses, permits and accreditation to fulfil our commitment to our passengers.

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