Ah, Queenie! How we love you.

There are all sorts of things to do in Queenstown, so it’s a little hard to pick our favourites. We have, however, done our best to set out some fun, interesting, quirky and downright delicious places to go.


Whether it’s a mountainbike adventure (not for the faint of heart!) down the gravity trails of Mt Owen, an exhilarating rafting experience down the King River, paragliding, bouldering or driving into Queenstown via the 99 Bends, Queenstown will have you sorted. Be sure to dress for success, stay warm and let someone know where you’re going – or better yet – take a loved one or a friend and have fun!


Choose from Horsetail Falls (perfect to blow out the cobwebs before embarking on the 99 Bends!) or go a little off the beaten track and ask a local how to locate The Confluence Track. Alternatively, take a self-guided walking tour of The Paragon Theatre, climb Spion Kop, or wander the lower foothills of Mt Owen (these are shared trails, so be aware of mountain bikes).


Queenstown is an ever-evolving town, with plenty to see and do. We’d be remiss not to recommend dropping into Tracks Cafe for a meal, but don’t stop there! Linda Cafe, just outside Queenstown, is a fab stop for freshly baked or house-made goodies, and you can’t miss The Empire Hotel for a great pub meal. Kick back with a cocktail or local brew at Moonscape Wine Bar in the afternoon, or for spice lovers, the Rusty Iron does a great green curry!


We can’t recommend this enough! Indulge your arty side and stop into Soggy Brolly, Empire Art Box, Press West or Q Bank and chat with a local artist. If that’s not your jam, channel your inner (or not so inner) bookworm and spend some time inside Missing Tiger bookshop, or have a natter with a local volunteer at The Galley Museum. If all else fails, grab a seat at any one of the local bars and enjoy some colourful story telling!

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